As ad agencies fight to protect their turf from consultancies and consultancies fight disgruntled clients about over-priced websites that don’t work, one thing becomes clear: The agency model ain’t what she used to be.

You, however, still need the type of work agencies used to do back before they got blinded by influencers and blindsided by reality. Brand-building, sales-driving work. (They are not mutually exclusive, after all).

Whether you’re a CMO with an overworked team or a marketing manager with no team at all, lofgren is the answer you’ve been searching for. And not just because we say so.

lofgren is what some people would call a virtual agency. But that sounds like we only exist on the blockchain watching an old VHS copy of Lawnmower Man. We prefer the term “instant agency” because that’s what you get: A bona fide agency-like team of professionals assembled specifically for your project. No overhead. No over-billing. No delicate artsy types who really just need to get over themselves. No paying for four account coordinators when you only need none.

Just successful projects, swiftly done.