Since he began selling what can best be described as an extremely-abridged, not-nearly-as-convenient, printed version of Wikipedia door-to-door while in college, Kevin Lofgren has been on a mission to make marketing both more efficient and, most importantly, more effective. His pursuit has taken him down paths both expected (traditional marketing roles from manager to CMO) and unanticipated (creating highly effective lead generation technology). Along the way, he has been an employee, an entrepreneur, a business owner, a business partner, an advisor, an investor, and a client.

As both a business owner and fractional CMO, Kevin has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies


But as a small businessman himself, his real passion is bringing a high level of expertise and proven, effective solutions to other small- to medium-sized businesses. Companies that need foolproof firepower without financial headaches. Kevin’s primary goal is to always, always, always increase topline revenue. Always. Unless you don’t want him to do that. In which case he can find efficiencies, improve your brand presence or increase the ROI of your trade show. He always does that stuff, too.

Here are a few of the results we are allowed to share from Kevin’s past work:

Oracle attributed $12,000,000 to a $60,000 campaign

Intel had 25% of their prospects converted to qualified leads

TXU saw an 11% increase in online enrollments and cut their CPA by 89%

GMAC Mortgage received a 50% reduction in cost per application

Sprint doubled their leads at half their normal cost

HireRight produced leads from 11% of their prospects

Cox Communications converted leads from 29% of their prospects set appointments with more than 10% of 330 companies, leading them to more than 25 new clients

BearingPoint produced over 100 qualified leads out of 300 target companies

Sun Microsystems had 14% of their prospects request follow-up