Marketing should be a massive success, not just a massive expense.

From the C-suite to Main Street, lofgren delivers temporary assistance with tangible results.

Flex your brand’s muscle without adding fixed overhead.

Your company has a conundrum.

You know future success – at least the kind you envision – requires marketing. Good marketing. Because nobody buys what they don’t know exists. Only, you don’t have anyone to do the marketing. Or you have one junior-ish marketing manager who is definitely more coordinator than creator or “strategizer.”

Maybe you actually do have a marketing team in place, but no kick-ass creative resources to pull off your plans. Naturally, that’s where lofgren comes in. In the form of one man, or as many brains as needed.

He can join your team or he can round up the possé.


Your full-stack part-time CMO.

From bootstrapping his own tech startups to destroying growth goals as a full-time CMO, Kevin has done it all. He’s been given shiny marketing awards by organizations who award said shiny things. More importantly, he can step into the C-suite and work alongside your leadership to deliver strategy and tactics that actually work. And then leave. [MORE]



The instant agency that lets you skip the RFPs.

Maybe your in-house team is too busy or too non-existent. It happens. And when it does, Kevin can assemble the perfect people – and only those people – to tackle whatever task you need to take the form of lofgren. No fuss, no muss, no scope creep, and no agency angst. [MORE]

And you are?

You’re an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial-minded CEO

who knows that a great marketing executive – the strategic kind – can make all the difference in taking your brand to the (cliché-sounding- but-customer-and-cash-rich) “next level.” If that sounds about right, click here.


You’re a marketing mastermind

in need of top-tier ad agency goodness without the accompanying grossness. As in overhead. And the runaround. And getting nicked five bucks for a color copy. See, gross. If that’s you, click here.

Actual work that actually worked.

Project: A Rock Band's Kickstarter When a decades-dormant rock band decided to release some new-old-stock material, they accepted some help from lofgren to, spoiler alert, triple their crowdsourced fundraising goal. [more]
Orrion Farms Case Study
Project: Orrion Farms (fCMO) Orrion Farms is an Arabian horse farm nestled in the hills of Washington state. A longtime leader in its niche community, new ownership wanted to take their new investment to the proverbial next level. They needed a brand experience that matched their in-person experience. For that, they turned to lofgren. [more]
Project: FortéOne (fCMO) FortéOne is a management-consulting group focused on helping middle market firms maximize their value by streamlining processes and ultimately increasing sales and margins. They originally approached us for a lead generation campaign, but the project quickly morphed into a brand makeover intent on positioning them as the “Bain for the middle market” that they really are. [more]
Skinny IT Case Study
Project: Skinny IT (fCMO) Skinny IT was a provider of customized IT solutions to more than 150 enterprises worldwide, helping them to optimize operational efficiencies and increase the bottom line. The company’s founders approached Kevin to act as their CMO when they were themselves the only employees. By the time Kevin left, they had hundreds. Coincidence? We think not. [more]