Orrion Farms “Welcome to the Farm” Video

Orrion Farms is a one-of-a-kind Arabian horse farm located in the rolling hills of Washington state. When new ownership decided it was time their standout facility actually started standing out with its marketing, they called on lofgren to get the ball rolling with a short film showcasing the quintessential beauty of the farm.


With two stunning locations and a legacy in the Arabian horse community, Orrion Farms had almost everything they needed to stand out from the herd. The only problem? Nothing about Orrion Farm’s marketing helped them stand out from other farms. And no matter what kind of levers they tried to pull, every opportunity to connect with their prospects was virtually sabotaged the moment they landed on their website that looked no different from the competition. Simply put, Orrion Farms blended in instead of – wait for it – standing out.

The solution? We zigged while the competition was still zagging. After one visit to Orrion Farms, we were convinced that while everyone talked about horses, Orrion Farms could use this as a unique opportunity to talk about the experience as a whole — one that’s bucket-list worthy— from across the country, and even across the globe.


We knew there was no better way to capture the Orrion Farms experience than with Kevin’s video and photography that would show how the gorgeous grounds, beautiful horses, incredible amenities, rich history, and wonderful people make it what it is: special.

From creative direction to shooting to editing every last detail in the video, there wasn’t one piece of the project that we didn’t have our hands on. Well, except for a couple of those gorgeous shots of the owners with their horses from the drone. Those were all conceived by Ally Nelson (Arabian horse marketing maven) and she deserves the credit for thinking those amazing shots up! We just shot what she visualized on those shots, though perhaps that means we can still say we had our hands on it. 🙂

In the end, we delivered a film that showcased the client’s stunning grounds, gorgeous horses, and five-star hospitality in a truly cinematic way, without a blockbuster budget. Watch the video below, and if you wish to view everything involved with our work with Orrion Farms, click here for the full case study.